How to Find Your Own Independence Day

Written by Tom Fernandez. Posted in Business

Another great little post here by: Sonia Simone co-founder and CMO of Copyblogger Media.

Highly relevant for Realtors and/or all other working folk…

If you’re in the U.S., you’re probably taking today off — it’s our Independence Day.

So when you get back to work, will it be awesome or … not so much?

Will you be using your best gifts? Doing work that energizes you?

Are you proud of what you do every day? Or do you dream of doing something much bigger, much better, much more meaningful?

If your daily work and business life isn’t reaching “awesome” yet, there’s one thing you have to do in order to find that satisfaction and independence you’re looking for …Start treating your business like a business.

Stop apologizing and shuffling when people ask you what you do — tell them loud and clear.

Stop agonizing over spending small amounts of money on necessary tools for your business, when the cost doesn’t come close to your monthly Starbucks tab.

Stop pretending you won’t have to learn how to sell. You’ll have to learn how to sell.

Stop telling yourself you’re going to start taking it seriously some day.

This is your life. Every minute you waste is a minute you can’t ever get back again.

I don’t care if you run a multi-million dollar software company or you sell a few copies of your ebook every month.

You are a business owner. Own it.

Start treating your business like a business and it will start to grow and flourish. That’s how you’ll create the independence you deserve.


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Happy Independence Day!


Tom is a former Realtor an expert web marketer and avid entrepreneur. Verity Consulting was founded by Tom in 2008 after leaving 1ParkPlace as Director of IDX Sales Operations. He also manages the SmartDesk and SmartSites program for CRMLS. Connect with Tom on Google +, LinkedIn or Twitter.


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