How To Weave IDX Info And Page Specific Calls To Action

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Calls to action exampleYou know that saying “the devil is in the details” well it seems appropriate for this post as we take a closer look at some subtleties that often make the difference between a good -vs- average real estate website.

This post highlights a very important aspect of creating page specific content in your WordPress sidebars to generate leads and increase your SEO.

Below is an excerpt here from a post on the Diverse Solutions Blog that goes into more detail…

Page Specific Calls To Action

The last major takeaway from Jesse’s site is his effective use of the right-hand column to generate leads. Apart from his homepage, each section of Jesse’s site has page-specific lead capture tools and widgets content in the right-hand column.

Buyers are interested in homes and finding that great deal. Jesse targets these visitors on his buyers-related pages by offering a search form and an ad-like button to jump straight to foreclosures, along with testimonials to help establish his credibility.

“Sellers” pages include a home evaluation form, a blog subscription form, and testimonials from sellers. Individual listings include his “Find a Foreclosure” ad, a listing map widget, and additional testimonials. The contact and about pages of his site follow this same pattern, with various contact options and forms in the right-hand column.

Buyers want to see homes. Sellers want to know what their home is worth. In every case, the calls to action are always specific to the page they are viewing. Jesse only shows visitors calls to actions that they will respond to based on what page they are on, and as with any other marketing, the more targeted you are, the more effective you’ll be.

You can recreate this effect by building alternate lead-capture sidebars for your site, then choose which sidebar appears on each page. You can create one sidebar to appear on property pages, another for buyer-related pages, one for seller-related pages, and one more for generic pages.

Alternatively, you can use a plugin like Widget Logic to enable or disable individual widgets from appearing on specific pages. With this method, you can specify which widgets will appear only on buyers pages, which will appear only on sellers pages, and which will appear on listing pages — without needing to create separate sidebars for each page type.

NOTE: When we develop real estate websites on the Warp Framework the Widget Logic plugin is not needed because this feature is included by default.

Here’s how it’s done with Warp:

    1. Navigate to the Widget Options page.
    2. Click on the sidebar / location to select the appropriate widget
    3. Highlight the page(s) and/or category(s) using the ctrl key on your keyboard
    4. Click save

Screenshot example:

Warp widget options

However you implement, be sure your site incorporates clear calls to action; ideally targeted for the right visitor at the right time.

Our thanks to Jesse for putting together such a great looking site that seemlessly integrates widgets and search tools from both our IDX products. Whether it’s the simplicity of colors and fonts, his above-the-fold -focused homepage, or his dense community pages, I’m sure everyone can find some inspiration from his site. If you have questions or need help implementing any of the tricks you see on his site, let us know!

As I mentioned above, page specific content is often subtle but hugely important. It’s something we focus on for our website clients and it’s something you should too. If you have any questions on how to implement page specific calls to action or IDX widgets, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, if you’ve recently implemented a good example of page specific sidebar content please feel free to share it with us!


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