How WordPress IDX makes your Real Estate Website Way Better

WordPress + IDX = WordPress I D X…Y and Z!

If you’re a Real Estate pro starting a new website or looking to increase traffic to your existing WordPress website…this is for you.

We all know that WordPress is rock solid as the foundation for your real estate website or blog. And by now, most Realtors have heard that indexable IDX solutions can create thousands of individual property pages (via your MLS) on your website that appear in search engine results which has proven to be effective for good real estate SEO.

You’ll see in a moment how the combination of WordPress and Indexable IDX aka: WordPress IDX is much much more than the sum of both items combined. It’s the best possible situation for a Realtor…the killer one-two punch combo to meet two critical objectives.

Let’s dig in to these two objectives and why they matter to what you’re doing online…

1. Effortlessly Feed Google Keyword-rich Content

If you know anything about SEO it’s that Google loves fresh content. Indexable IDX systems can dynamically serve up thousands of pages with images for Google to index. If implemented smartly all of those pages can contain the keywords you’re trying to rank for.

Once the initial “search results list page” is created (EX: the individual listing detail pages are accessible as links on the “search results list pages”. Depending on the number of listings that meet your search criteria there could be 10 corresponding “search results list pages” each containing 50 listings per page.

The result is 500 individual listing detail pages ready to be spoon-fed to Google!

See an actual client example below. Click to enlarge

WordPress IDX puts you on the right path for:

  • getting a high ranking for your chosen keyword
  • receiving organic traffic from long-tail searches queries (Example of actual client search query: “195 bayshore ct 33950″)
  • providing a high quality property search experience for website visitors
  • saving you time and money
  • increasing your ROI

2. Control Your Own Destiny with Ease and Confidence

As far as benefits go, WordPress makes it rain!
It’s easy to use and simple to enhance, just upload a new plugin and you’re good to go. Remember though, we’re talking about a self-hosted instance of WordPress, not

So in order to realize these benefits you need your own website hosting account…no big deal because hosting accounts are quite affordable – roughly $60 to $100 per year. We recommend SiteGround as they specialize in WordPress website hosting and we’ve had nothing but good experiences with their service.

With your own WordPress site residing on your own hosting account you can add your favorite WordPress IDX plugin, or any other plugin for that matter, and not be tied to any particular website design company yet have the flexibility to use a WordPress developer whenever you feel like it.

Owning your own website on your own hosting account is the premise we’ve built our business on. We believe it’s the smartest way to go for Realtors wanting to build a long-term sustainable internet marketing presence and avoids the digital sharecropping scenario.

Typically, in the scenario described above, there are no additional monthly fee’s from your website designer. I can assure you that if you buy a website from us there won’t be!

WordPress IDX Plugins:

  • are installed via the standard WordPress plugin uploader
  • integrate tightly with WordPress
  • can offer many options to choose from when configuring

A large selection of WordPress IDX plugins are available

About a year ago I was only aware of one or two WordPress IDX plugins to choose from. Now, there’s quite a few.

Here are some to choose from:

  1. DsIDXPress by Diverse Solutions
  2. IDXPress + (an add on to the DsIDXPress plugin)
  3. Spoton Connect
  4. WordPress IDX
  5. WP IDX
  6. StormRets
  8. iHomefinder
  9. IDX Broker


Get WordPress IDX for your site today!

WordPress IDX is a must have if you’re looking to build a new or improve an existing real estate website and as you can see there are lots of benefits and options available to you.

We provide knowledgeable and objective advice to help you choose the best WordPress IDX system available. We don’t resell or share profits with any IDX system provider!

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“First off, their approach to business is truly refreshing. I can’t tell you how often I’m discouraged with the service received from many of the different “service providers” in this industry.

Tom has been able to deliver top notch service and equally important, produce the type of website I was looking for and achieve ever increasing search engine rankings for my site. He is the one I can count on to work through problems and implement solutions.”
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“The principal, Tom Fernandez, built me a beautiful website focused on my primary market for a fraction of the cost of other companies without sacrificing anything.

His knowlede of IDX systems is fantasticly valuable to ensure the specific features that I wanted for my site were included and that no time or money was wasted.”
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