IDX Broker Review

Written by Tom Fernandez. Posted in IDX Systems

A review of the widely respected IDX Broker IDX system for real estate agents and brokers. Read my opinion on their strength’s and weaknesses. Weigh in yourself as well by joining in on the conversation.


  • Fairly simplistic search with satellite map search capability
  • Ability to produce RSS feeds of listing data (your listings only – on the back end)
  • Captures referring url for lead sourcing at the lead/contact level
  • Analytics for key measurement criteria
  • Fairly inexpensive and feature rich
  • Customizable look and feel if your into editing css/html files
  • Basic customization of lead capture/ user registration settings (yes/no or # pre-defined # of search or detail views)


  • Limited contact management ability, no emailing/drip email campaigns or email blasting
  • Can’t easily view listings viewed or saved by registrants (have to log in as them to see this data)
  • No RSS feeds of listing data (other than your own listings) to create indexable content

Summary & Conclusion

At first, I was extremely excited about this vendors IDX System because of the powerful customization options built into the back-end. You can really make this system blend into your existing website from a look and feel standpoint and even use your own search forms as long as you use the right css commands to interact with their system. The downside though is that the contact management portion of this IDX system is a little sub-par and in my view this creates an unavoidable problem. With the addition of some solid contact management abilities and a customizable user registration setting this IDX system could be a real force to be reckoned with. My experience in dealing with them so far has been fantastic, they are really a responsive and nice group people and that in itself should be valued highly. And, though their IDX system isn’t technically an iFrame based solution you or your web designer will simply be creating wrapper pages to integrate into your existing site/blog so unless you get into some creative workarounds, none of the MLS listing data will be getting indexed on your site.

Over To You…

Are you an IDX Broker customer? If so, leave a comment and tell us your thoughts


Tom is a former Realtor an expert web marketer and avid entrepreneur. Verity Consulting was founded by Tom in 2008 after leaving 1ParkPlace as Director of IDX Sales Operations. He also manages the SmartDesk and SmartSites program for CRMLS. Connect with Tom on Google +, LinkedIn or Twitter.


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