RSS Data Feeds of MLS Listings

RSS Data Feeds of MLS Listings

Realtors: Feed your site with MLS listing data via RSS!Most IDX systems are designed to be iframed into your site and therefore none of the property information / MLS listing data contained in the IDX system itself will be indexed on your site. Of course, with manual intervention, one could add some listing data into their site through their web/blog site CMS but that’s really not a desired solution.

The better (if not best) way to get listing data out of your IDX and into your site is through RSS. Yes, your IDX system must be able to produce that RSS feed, and not all of them do, but more and more of them are (contact me for the short list!).
Some IDX providers that can produce RSS feeds of MLS listing data will require you to utilize their website or blog platform and we don’t always think that’s a good idea so we’ve created our own solution based on Joomla!, an open source CMS.

Our solution allows for keyword optimization in title tags, alt tags, H1 tags, meta-keywords & descriptions for each listing and/or entire categories of listings and automatically updates itself every 15 minutes and can be used for other RSS feeds if you want to add content to your site in an automated way. I believe this creates the best possible scenario for Realtors:

Benefits of our RSS Data Feed solution:

  • Maintain ownership of your marketing investment
  • Leverage powerful SEO juice bottled up in your MLS/IDX system
  • Automate the process of adding keyword rich content to your site

The benefits of RSS’ing MLS listing data into your site or blog was made popular by Mary McKnight and has already been proven phenomenally successful for high organic placement. Contact us today for pricing and availability for your area.