Z57 IDX System Review

Written by Tom Fernandez. Posted in IDX Systems

Only five minutes into an agonizingly painful presentation from a Z57 “sales executive”, I was left with that feeling you get when meeting with the Finance Manager on a used car lot…”how can I get out of this!”. Well, I sucked it up and got through it and was left with some mixed feelings. The backend is fairly robust (though lacking some key features) and has a surprisingly strong email marketing capability, somewhat similar to

The biggest problem is that you can’t integrate their system into your existing site, you have to go with their website. Also, they say you can require registration based on content type (ie. pictues, virtual tours, etc.) though this ability was not demonstrated. Again, 1parkplace is the only other provider that provides this type of functionality.

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Tom is a former Realtor an expert web marketer and avid entrepreneur. Verity Consulting was founded by Tom in 2008 after leaving 1ParkPlace as Director of IDX Sales Operations. He also manages the SmartDesk and SmartSites program for CRMLS. Connect with Tom on Google +, LinkedIn or Twitter.


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